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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Deutschland und Scheiße. Okay not really.

So I've been thinking lately. You're probably all like "Whoa Sarah! You think?". Yea guys, I do. Anyway, I was thinking that I should write a journal in Deutsch, or German for all you uncool people, and then maybe post them here? I don't know. I could do that but I can get pretty intense. Talking about crap that only I understand. But yea, you will be getting me twice a week instead of once. Your mom already gets me twice a week. Sorry that was inappropriate. I've been watching way too much Community Channel (Natalie Tran). You should look her up. She's awesome.  I feel the need to do another "Top Ten" but I just put one up last week.

So I got this awesome book yesterday. Just Don't Fall by Josh Sundquist. This guy is my idol. He got cancer when he was 9 and then had to get his leg chopped off. He also won like first place in the Special Olympics. Pretty epic if you ask me. Screw it, I'm doing a Top Ten Twenty.

It's music.

1) Bee by Lena. It's amazing. She's amazing and her voice is like an angel.
2) If I Die Young by The Band Perry. I listen to this on the weekends when your mom rejects my invite for a little one-on-one action. Literally one-on-one.
3) My Fanny Pack by Smosh (Anthony and Ian). Anthony is hot.
4) Dashing Knight by ALL CAPS. I dream of having this happen to me. Like my boyfriends in the military and he dies while over seas and this is our song. Too depressing? Maybe a little.
5) Trainers In Love by ALL CAPS. To show my inner dork.
6) Like It's Quidditch by Nice Peter. Parody of "Like A G6". It's about Quidditch by the way.
7) Saved (Acoustic) by ALL CAPS. This is way much better than the original.
8) Handlebars by Flobots. One of the few raps I like. Can you keep rhythm with no metronome? I think not!
9) Crazy Chubby Bunny by DieAussenseiter (Dima and Sascha). Need to see!!!Crazy Chubby Bunny 
Seiner Deutsch ^.^
10) Fur Elise by Beethoven. Gettin' Old School.
11) My Cassette Player by Lena. 
12) German Accent Song by Lena. It's so cute and Funny!!The guy playing the guitar is super creepy.
13) Shed A Tear by Kevjumba, Ryan Higa and Chester See. So cute and Funny.
14) Turkish March by Beethoven. 
15) Lily by Ministry of Magic, aka ALL CAPS, aka Kristina and Luke. Speaking of ALL CAPS, may I just say that I got some rockin' earrings yesterday that are these cute little robots. I named one Luke and one Kristina. Plus I was wearing my ALL CAPS tee. Kristina and Luke are meant to be together.
16) The House Song by Ministry of Magic. Ravenclaws will dominate.
17) Predicate Song by Smosh. Epic. Just epic.Yellow ^.^
18) The Happy Song by . Get your scheisse and leave. I'm not sure why, but I can't swear in English, but when I do it in German I don't feel guilty. Your Mom.
19) Satellite by Lena. AWWWWW! I just love this girl!
20) Russian Dancing Men by Weebl's Stuff. I wasn't sure what to think about it the first time I saw it. You have to read everything! So funny!! They look Chinese. =/
And yes, the Russian ARMY dances like that. It makes me feel concerned with their government- Skip to 2:00 to have your mind blown.  
This makes me REALLY concerned with their government.
Not sure what to say for this. 

Anyway, I should be doing work. My mom got really pissed because I'm behind in most of my classes. It's not my fault I'm a procrastinator. 

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