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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Update and A Movie

     Hey! I am back! I decided every Wednesday would be appropriate to update. It's kind of like a random surprise in the middle of the week.
      Last night I saw my first foreign film. It was a German/French film. It was totally amazing and defiantly is now one of my favorite movies. Plus it convinced me that Germany is where I need to move.
     The movie is called French For Beginners (Französisch für Anfänger). It's about this 16 year-old kid named Henrik and he has a thing for this girl named Valerie. One day, Valerie comes into Henrik's french class -why German kids are learning French, I do not know- and, while the teacher is talking to the rest of the class, they start a conversation of their own. Henrik is saying how the French are stupid, blah, blah, blah, and Valerie tells him that her mom is French. They exchange party invitations -ironic they're both have a "party" huh- and Valerie leaves.
       Stuff happens, and Henrik and his best pal Johannes end up in France! ZOING! How's two anti-French kids end up IN France? I know the answer, but you'll have to watch the freakin' movie!
     Now, this movie is pretty graphic. It might be rated PG-13, but they defiantly use it to the absolute max. The use lots of cuss words, and there are even 3 "sex scenes". I'm not really sure they're sex scenes, for they only show the girls top off, but still. One of them doesn't count though.
     Something pretty interesting is that they saying things that German's do! In one scene, when Henrik and the family he's staying with is having dinner, the little boy is staring at Henrik to see if he will 'tip his bowl'. This is appraently what German's do. They tip their bowl to the side to get the rest of the food out. Also, the kid who played Henrik, François Göske, was not born in Germany, but in France!!! Haha!
     Sorry this is really boring and quite short. I didn't want to give too much away. Anyway, you need to watch this movie. YOU MUST!!!! All right guys, see you next week.